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Billboard Year End Charts

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Billboard Year End Charts

Post by DougWilliams » Thu Jan 04, 2018 2:22 am

Not CAT related but does anyone have the year end chart data from Billboard? Multiple genres and years. I've gotten what I can from online sources (Google Books and Billboard) and what I've had in my years of gathering but I still have holes. Nearest library with this type of info is two plus hours away and while I'm up for the trip, if I didn't have to it would be nice.

Hot Black Singles for 1983, 1975, 1973, 1972,1970,1968, 1964 (if the earlier ones even existed)
Hot Country Singles 1995, 1983, 1978, 1975, 1973, 1970, 1968, 1964
Hot Dance 1988 thru 1999, 1983, 1978
Top Albums 1968, 1964
Top Black Albums 1983, 1978, 1975, 1973, 1972, 1970, 1968, 1965, 1964
Top Country Albums 1983, 1978,1975,1973,1972,1968,1964
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