Own an older version of a CAT program?

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Own an older version of a CAT program?

Post by DougWilliams » Wed Sep 16, 2015 2:10 am

Just a reminder

"If you own an old version and would like a new registration key to use the latest version, send an email to support@fnprg.com - please include your name and current serial number, or license file." -- Fredrik on the fnprg.com website.

I highly recommend running the latest (last) versions if you continue to use the CAT programs.

Latest versions are:
AssetCAT - v1.24; Internet DLL - v2 (2012/08/02)
BookCAT - v10.28; Internet DLL - v266 (2020/09/02)
CATraxx - v9.52; Internet DLL - v80 (2020/03/30)
CATVids - v9.38; Internet DLL - v190 (2020/09/03)
SoftCAT - v5.26; Internet DLL - v12 (2012/07/29)
StampCAT - v10.26; Internet DLL - v10 (2012/07/30)
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