Best Practices/Opinions on Band Membership Data

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Best Practices/Opinions on Band Membership Data

Post by felldownawell » Mon Feb 15, 2016 7:27 pm

I'm just curious how everyone uses lineup functionality. I've always just entered band members that are present on releases I have, and I've never messed around with entering instrument or membership period information. I recently started playing around with it and like the way it displays when entered, but I'm hesitant to go full bore on it as I can envision having difficulty finding information sometimes.

Does anyone try to construct full historical membership including band members that you don't have recordings from?

Do those of you that enter instrument and membership period info get frustrated when full information, like who played what on a given recording or when person x left the band, is not available? Do you just leave that stuff blank or try to make an educated guess?
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