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Exporting from Catraxx

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Exporting from Catraxx

Postby schabelf » Mon Feb 06, 2017 3:20 pm

I just created a database for my classical LPs and CDs and want to export a csv file of a few fields to put in a database program on my phone. I want the main artist and title fields, format and from the artist set of fields composer, orchestra and conductor. I set this up and the first time I exported it worked perfectly. I went back and corrected some errors I saw on individual albums and then when I exported again it went crazy. There were 2 or more sets of data for every album. This happened for several exports and then it stopped creating duplicates but the composer, conductor & orchestra fields were only exported for a few albums. This continued over multiple attempts. I cannot see any differences in the way the data is entered in CATraxx for thse few albums that export correctly and those that don't. I repaired the database, rebooted the program and the computer and finally uninstalled and reinstalled catraxx. Still the same problem. any suggestions would be appreciated.

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