Fans Of FNPrg FAQ

The "Fans Of FNPrg" forum has no direct affiliation with the developer of FNProgramvare products. We are just a group of enthusiasts that love the products and were sad that they have ceased operations.

What happen to FNPrg /Fredrik?
Health has caused FNPrg to cease operation. Fredrik has been gracious to keep certain aspects available for the "foreseeable future."

What's going to happen to the programs?
They are no longer being developed. That does not mean they no longer work.
Several users have commented that the CAT programs are working fine in Windows 10.
What will happen is, as your favorite sites change their formats and availability, the ability to automatically add new entries via the internet will stop working. However...

Are there any third party applications that will extended the life and usefulness of the CAT programs?

Still available are the HAP utilities from Thomas for CATraxx and CATVids

And Dave's (LotsOCds) CATweb project

And Gernot's iOS app CATviewLite for CATvids ... 79437?mt=8

And FNProg2PDA from Tomvb62

And if there is a need to stay with CATraxx v9.45, forum user Lazlo Nibble has created "Proxxy" that allows CATraxx to download from Discogs. CATraxx v9.47 fixed the Discogs download, so if you upgrade, Proxxy is no longer required.

There is a possibility other creative users could develop similar programs for the other CAT programs.

I don't like using software without official support. What are my alternatives?
There are a number of softwares available that catalog various collections.
The front runner is Collectorz (
They offer a Book, Music, Video, Comic and Game cataloging software.
Other prominent developers of collecting software include:
Readerware( Books, Music, Video
Code:Aero ( Movie, Music

You can also see what is available via ( ... -software/)

Let us know what you have tried and how you like it.

I've looked and the CAT programs still meet my needs. What can I do to keep using the CAT programs?
  • Backups, Backups, Backups
  • Have a registration key for the latest (last) version of the CAT programs.
    If you have an older version, or have lost your current key, email now and include your name and current serial number, or license file. Once you have the email with registration key for the latest version, keep it safe!
  • You can copy the text of the email into Notepad, save that document and keep it in a safe place. All you REALLY need is the text (including the ---- lines):

    ----{program name}.licence
    {Lots of random letters and numbers}
    {program name}.licence---
  • Also, keep a copy of the {program name}.license file (or {program name}.lic) which gets generated after you've successfully registered the program
  • Next make sure you have the installer program. Download while you still can from
    Once they are gone you might not find them!
  • Keep the registration key, .license file, and the installer program(s) in a safe place. Burn them (along with a copy of your databases) to a CD or DVD. Copy them to a USB drive. Store them in the cloud. Multiple copies on multiple media. DO NOT RELY ON JUST ONE!
  • Next, when eventually the CAT programs no longer work with the newest Windows you can use virtual machines (VMs) to run CAT on a version of Windows that CAT does run. The steps how go beyond the focus of this FAQ but there are many sites available that can help with the creation of a VM. Theoretically, with VMs, you could run the CAT programs for many, many, many years.