Experiences with Collectorz

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Experiences with Collectorz

Post by DougWilliams » Wed Sep 23, 2015 4:05 pm

What are your experiences with the Collectorz software including:
Music Collectorz
Book Collectorz
Movie Collectorz
Record Collector
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Re: Experiences with Collectorz

Post by Joer » Thu Oct 22, 2015 8:56 am

I bought all three programs a couple of years ago, for to use them mainly on Mac, but trying them on Windows too. The main difference with the CAT is that they can share data with smartphones and others, but I'm NOT interested in this. For the rest there is no comparison with CAT program, that is IMHO the only one pro software for serious cataloging.

Others downsides of Collectorz are that they use an external server for completing info for new adds, and the datas are often wrong. You can use this server for sharing your cat and as backup, but many infos are covered by these wrong data. The Mac version is very poor in comparison to Windows version and you have to pay a subscription for to have the updates. You can pay a month only for the last update, but however you have to pay also for bug corrections. Tha inport from CATs is terrible and also the passage from Windows to Mac (al least with version that I have) is very hard and poor.

Tha graphic is showy, but I prefer the simple but much more pratical graphic of CATs.

Eventually, because I have both Mac and Windows on two different pcs, I have choose to manage my catalogs only on Windows with CAT software, till this will be possible.

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Re: Experiences with Collectorz

Post by maxsound » Thu Dec 31, 2015 3:00 am

I have just downloaded a trial version of Collectorz. First impression is that it may be a "good" replacement. It seems to have quite a bit to offer, one being the Android version that will make having my collection on my phone much simpler. Visually it looks clean and I like some of the view options. There are a few items that stick out that I don't necessarily like. One is the 10 star ranking vs. 5 star in CATraxx. I may end up having to make a lot of changes to convert 1600+ of them. Secondly, I don't believe that you can modify information the tabs for the album entries, either by deleting some entries or adding new ones. This may or may not be true. Finally, I'm not sure if you can create custom reports as in CATraxx. Again, I have just downloaded this and am still learning everything it offers.

I would much prefer to use CATraxx as I was just getting into how customizeable it is and the reports you can create. May I can use both for their respective strong points.

By the way, what ever happened to the old forum, as it had information on using Memento Database for Android and a script for downloading information.

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Re: Experiences with Collectorz

Post by swifty » Sun Jan 24, 2016 3:13 am

My first impression after installing the trial version of Music Collector tonight is that there is no Auto-organize feature for moving digital files to the correct folder structure. In my case I have always done this by Genre/sub-genre.

That was a showstopper right there and I'm still looking around at other alternatives.

Did i miss something. Is this feature available somewhere that I did not see?

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Re: Experiences with Collectorz

Post by jorofe » Thu Feb 18, 2016 11:50 am

I've been usin Music Collector for most than a year, importing all my catalog from CATRAXX and only have to say one thing ...
I don't like

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Re: Experiences with Collectorz

Post by Azol » Thu Feb 18, 2016 1:17 pm

There is no alternative at this moment for me. Tried MuC, didn't like it. Cannot be customized the way I need, can't import all the info I need from CATraxx, interface is meh etc.

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Re: Experiences with Collectorz

Post by J.F. Le Deist » Thu Feb 18, 2016 2:18 pm

Tried MuC too, I found it good at first, but the more I use it, the more i'm unhappy.

MuC don't download from Discogs no more. You can only download from their own Database called Core.
This "Core" database is a copy of Discogs, but not a complete copy. Here is a sample with "Sticky Fingers" by Rolling Stones :

The informations as downloaded from Core ( only tile of CD, titles of tracks with time ) :


I have registered and created "My Collection" on Discogs, here are the Discogs page relating to this version :

https://www.discogs.com/The-Rolling-Sto ... se/1793858

No comment...

Second reason : I own nearly 250 CD and 300 vinyl Lp. Collectorz choosed to ignore vinyls : you must do it "handly".

I'm actually completing my collection on Discogs ( online ) waiting on their App ( available in march or april 2016, they said... )
It's the best solution for me ( but only for me... ) You cannot download anything with Catraxx, You cannot download direct from Discogs ( and no vinyl at all ) with MuC

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Re: Experiences with Collectorz

Post by Navyboy » Sun Mar 27, 2016 6:41 am

Hello Doug, and everyone else.

I have moved over to Book Collector, after checking out many other programmes - Readerware, BuchArchiv, All My Books to name a few - none of which were as good as BookCat. Neither is Book Collector, but it does do some things better than BookCat ever did.

The good things are that it has a cloud synch option, and a mobile option and they all talk nicely to each other and the desktop version. Having the database on my phone has saved me buying the same book more than once many times. Not always, but a lot.
I like the fact that there is a whole team working on the development of the Collector software - not just a one man band as Fredrik was. As good as he was, he's now stopped working, and so has the 'Cat programmes - development wise, that is. In a team situation there is, hopefully, continuity when one member leaves and another joins.

The things I don't like: The import options are not good enough. I have had to do a lot of manual updating to get back to where I was in BookCat and still have a lot more to go. I do not like Core - I don't agree with inputting my data on any book I have that is not already in Core, and then having to re-download it to get it back into my database! That just sucks. There should be an option to add and upload at same time, I would accept that. But the upload-download is just one step too many.

That's my two cents worth.


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Re: Experiences with Collectorz

Post by ziocimmy » Wed Apr 06, 2016 11:11 am

It would take too long to list all the better features of Catraxx compared to Collectorz.
I've been using Catraxx for 15 years, I believe, and still it's the best software you can use.
I have lots of fun inventing new reports. It almost never failed to find a record - and when it's the case, in a couple of minutes I can get all info from the Web and put in my database.
I purchased Collectorz Music when Fredrick ceased official operations, but it's sleeping in my hard disk after a short period of use and I'm still a daily user of Catraxx.
The fact that Collectorz is stuck to it's own database is very annoying. And it's full of minor silly difficulties in the usability department.
Unfortunately I wasn't smart enough to buy Catbook while it was still available, so I had to buy Book Collectorz.
It seems to be useful, especially thanks to its ability to sync with mobile devices.
But in the end it shares the same problems I found in Music Collectorz (especially if you consider that I live in Italy and 90% of my collection is based on italian books) and I use it with scarce pleasure.
No offense meant to Collectorz's team which I respect anyway for their work. But I wish I could still purchase Catbook...
Ciao to everybody

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