What would you like fixed or fine-tuned?

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Re: What would you like fixed or fine-tuned?

Post by Salvatore Besso » Thu Jul 16, 2020 11:36 am


very good topic. There are a couple of things in CATraxx that I'd like to see fixed in a next version. Here they are:

1. Installer doesn't recognize mapped network drives

The installer is not able to recognize a mapped drive. I have already written about this in another topic; I have the CATraxx folder physically located on

\\FILE_SERVER\Z\CATraxx (Z is the name of the shared folder on the NAS at root level, CATraxx is one of its subfolders)

Then I have mapped \\FILE_SERVER\Z as drive Z: on all the computers of my local network where CATraxx is installed, except on my notebook, where all the CATraxx stuff is located on real folders on a local physical support (a 256 GB SD card) that has a Z: drive letter and is always plugged in (the notebook always uses the SD card); this is because I need all the CATraxx stuff to be on this SD card when I am outside of home, for example travelling on my car, since I cannot access my local network and for this reason I cannot use an UNC path directly. On the other hand, the fixed computers must use the same drive letter used on the notebook for both synchronizing purposes and also because the audio path in CATraxx must be the same in all installations, otherwise it would not find the audio files; that's why I have mapped the UNC path as Z: on all of them.

Anyway, still in 9.52 the installer cannot find the Z:\CATraxx folder on the network mapped drive returning an error 3 that, if my memory assists me, is a "Path not found" error. Of course it finds the Z:\CATraxx folder on the SD card without any problem. I'd like to see this problem fixed.

2. The random option in play lists is not so... RANDOM!

I'm playing music almost every day using the CATraxx Audio Player and a modified play list borrowed from the "Surprise me: play 25 random tracks". The only change that I've made has been to change 25 to 50. The problem that I'm facing is the "random" generator used in the audio player that is not so... random. When the play list restarts after the last track, it often proposes tracks that have been played very recently, if not even in the previous run, and this is a consistent recurring behaviour. One time it even proposed the same track twice in the same run of the play list. Now, I have almost four thousand audio files in a database of almost 7000 tracks and I'd like that, when a play list is set to play randomly, it would be "more random" or even really random. I know that the random generator is handled by the operating system (at least I suppose) and the programming language uses it to generate random numbers, but maybe there could be some programming tricks to make it work like I wish. One example that comes into my mind is to exclude tracks played recently, or to think to generate the random numbers in another way.

3. Poor aspect on computers with high DPI

Last year I've bought a new HP notebook that has a native resolution of 1920x1080 and the operating system has set the character size to a default of 150%. It's good for my old eyes. I have tested it with size back to 100% but characters become so small that they are almost unreadable, so I set it back to 150%. The problem of the poor aspect with old programs became evident with this setting. Some old programs are really horrible, with a messed up main window, CATraxx is a bit less horrible; I have to say that the worst parts affected in CATraxx by this problem are the grids. But luckily, I can Edit Layout adjusting row height and character size in almost all grids, but in some of them there is not such an option, for example the left grid in the CATraxx Audio Player, where the characters are truncated at the bottom of the row because it is not enough tall. But editing the layout gave me a so so result. Characters are no longer truncated, but thumbnails in Album View are really small, I don't know why. So, what I'd like to see fixed in a next version, is high DPI compliance in both CATraxx and CATraxx Audio Player.
Best wishes

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Re: What would you like fixed or fine-tuned?

Post by DougWilliams » Thu Jul 16, 2020 12:36 pm

Hello Salvatore,

Regarding #2: You can add an additional filter to only select files more than 10 days since last played.
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Salvatore Besso
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Re: What would you like fixed or fine-tuned?

Post by Salvatore Besso » Thu Jul 16, 2020 6:24 pm

thanks Doug, I will try it.
Best wishes

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