FNPRG utilities and other programs

Discuss installation and usage of the CAT programs with Windows 10.
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FNPRG utilities and other programs

Post by Rene » Tue Sep 08, 2015 8:32 pm

Good to hear that the CAT-programs run under Win10! :D
Anybody already used the FNPRG utilities under Win10 such as:
- sqlupdate
- datafolderlocation
- ISBN10TO13
- ExportSettings
- cddbcontrol_setup

and the external utilities like CATweb and the various programs of Thomas (HAPaudioPlayer, HAPupdatePersonRoles... etc.)?


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Re: FNPRG utilities and other programs

Post by DougWilliams » Wed Sep 09, 2015 11:41 pm

I use HAPBirthdates and it is working in Windows 10.
SQLUpdate and DataFolderLocation open with no errors but I've no need to real world test them yet.
ExportSettings gave a security error with my AV software but setting it to allow, it worked fine.
The rest, I do not know.
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Re: FNPRG utilities and other programs

Post by Tomvb » Sun Nov 15, 2015 5:34 pm

FNProg2PDA should run fine under Windows 10. FYI: a new 8.2.4 version is currently in the making, which will be released in a couple of days. No groundbreaking new stuff to be expected, but just of couple of small enhancements. For example: I've added the "Friends of FNPrg" Facebook and Forum websites; added the option to let FNprog2PDA search for new versions automatically every x. number of days; and the included the DBConvert tool can now read SQLite databases.

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Re: FNPRG utilities and other programs

Post by Dutchie » Sun Apr 23, 2017 10:43 am

Hi everyone,

Updated Windows 10 last week to version 1703 (build 15063.1380), the so called Creators update and yesterday I updated CATraxx to the new version 9.49 and it was then that I noticed I couldn't insert HAP BirthDates like I used to. With a few alterations in the explorer templates I got the program running again, but only with the update button installed in CATraxx that comes with the program. I can't run the program when CATraxx is closed and I can't even run it from the sites menu inside CATraxx anymore. The interface of HAP BirthDates is not showing! Seems like a problem the new Windows 10 is having, but I'm not sure. Anyone having the same problems or knows how to solve this?
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Re: FNPRG utilities and other programs

Post by hamsen » Thu Jun 22, 2017 7:12 am

Hi Dutchie

HAPbirthdates works fine here with Windows10.

If you execute the program directly from the programfolder, you should see the main page.
If you want run it automatically without user intervention, you should add the parameter QUIET.


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Re: FNPRG utilities and other programs

Post by Dutchie » Sat Sep 30, 2017 5:30 pm

Hi Thomas,

First of all sorry it took so long for me to reply.
I still have the same problems with HAP Birthdates.

I've added the log file (to me it's a bit of mumbo jumbo), maybe you can figure it out?

Address : $0064DABB - [00400000] HAPbirthDates.exe - EExceptionManager - - ExceptionDataFromExceptionRecord - 1796[163]
Module : HAPbirthDates.exe
Exception : EAccessViolation
Message : Access violation at address 0064DABB in module 'HAPbirthDates.exe'. Read of address 0C6B0000
Call Stack : 00 $0064DABB - [00400000] HAPbirthDates.exe - EExceptionManager - - ExceptionDataFromExceptionRecord - 1796[163]
01 $00685569 - [00400000] HAPbirthDates.exe - ExceptionLog7 - - FullInternalErrorReport - 611[813]
02 $00586762 - [00400000] HAPbirthDates.exe - EBase - - InternalErrorSet - 553[258]
03 $0064F719 - [00400000] HAPbirthDates.exe - EInject - - UnhandledExceptionFilterHook - 140[117]
04 $75C3003D - [75BE0000] kernel32.dll
05 $0040843B - [00400000] HAPbirthDates.exe
06 $7784B426 - [777F0000] ntdll.dll
07 $7780012E - [777F0000] ntdll.dll
08 $004789C5 - [00400000] HAPbirthDates.exe
09 $00478335 - [00400000] HAPbirthDates.exe
0A $00408A40 - [00400000] HAPbirthDates.exe
0B $00653998 - [00400000] HAPbirthDates.exe - EAppMultiThreaded - - ThreadProcHandler - 111[132]
0C $006092DB - [00400000] HAPbirthDates.exe - EThreadsManager - - ThreadWrapper - 549[95]
0D $75BF3398 - [75BE0000] kernel32.dll
0E $77829EF0 - [777F0000] ntdll.dll
0F $77829EC0 - [777F0000] ntdll.dll

rgds, Dutchie
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